Latex should be fun to wear. Latex will require more care than other clothes in your wardrobe. Rubber is an organic material that will naturally decay with time.  Appropriate care and treatment will extend the wearing life dramatically.


SHARP OBJECTS -  Tight latex garments are like a stretched balloon, a snag on a something sharp will destroy your garment instantly.  Tears and can be repaired by patching.

EXCESSIVE SUNLIGHT - Excessive and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause colour fading. Its recommend storing latex in a dry place, preferably in a dark garment bag. 

WASHING MACHINES - Never wash in the washing machine. Latex should be hand washed in warm soapy water and well rinsed. 

STRAINING GARMENT - When wet, latex is much weaker. Take extra care when removing sweaty latex clothing or handling washed latex. Do not strain garment.

STAINING GARMENT - Avoid grease, baby oil, fresh fake tans, metal .It will destroy the integrity of the rubber and deteriorate the surface. 




 Its advised to  use a  good dusting of talc on the inside of the garment, this will prevent the inside sticking together and drying out. Use a light dusting after washing  garments when the latex is dry.  Talc is a good dry lube to allow easy fitting  on tight fitting garments.  A light smearing of latex-safe lubricant on the inside also works. When undressing, simply slide, pull, or roll the rubber off



Polished rubber can give the garment a mirror finish, this also acts as a hydrating moisturize. JACKSHINE is  our recommended product.  Use a dry lint free cloth and several sprays to buff.  Alternatively, a latex garment silicone spray can be used for that ultimate high gloss.


 Each rubber item should be hand washed in luke-warm, mild soapy water and hung to dry thoroughly before storage. Never hang your rubber with metal hangers or clips. They can mark or stain. All metal notions/zips/poppers should be dried immediately. The metal may stain the rubber or cause it to decay and rot over time.


All items should be dusted or polished before storage, this will avoid surfaces clinging tightly together over time. Pulling them apart may result in torn rubber. We recommend storing in a dry, dark garment bag or plastic dry cleaning bags also work well.



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